Rebel Inc.

The game Rebel is made by the same creators of Plague Inc. The game is about strategizing to stabilize an entire country. So in this game you are the good guys. The game costs money but in my opinion it is worth it. So for each level you get to choose a certain governor. And … [Read more…]

Plauge Inc.

Plague Inc. is a game where you try to infect everyone then kill them. It sounds gruesome but it is more of a strategy based game. As I said the goal of the game is to infect everyone in the world.

March post #2

So the question for this post will be. Is it easier to be friends with someone who is rather not smart or someone that is smart? I will be taking this argument in from both angles and giving supports for both. So the first para will be why it is better with not-so-smart. Second para … [Read more…]

March post #1

Although this is the march post I am doing this in April. So I will continue to do what I have done until now. Ask a random but possibly head aching question. The question for this blog is. On what basis did the original human language begin. This is hard for me to answer even … [Read more…]

Post 4/4 for April

For this blog I will be exploring the definition of intelligent. When someone says intelligent it is a very broad topic. Intelligent can mean multiple things. Intelligent can mean something that is self aware. To something that is considered a genius to human standards. As you can see intelligent is so broad that I will … [Read more…]

Post 3/4 for April

One important and well known question for this month is what is the meaning of life? Why do we study work or do anything at all? I also have to wonder why are we living who created us and how. I will be addressing the two topics in para 2 and three. The reason for … [Read more…]

April post #1

Hey guys i’m back with a new post I am supposed to write four posts this month which will probably be an all time high. As you know if you read this then you know that I only post the minimum amount and for good reason. This reason for new comers is because this is … [Read more…]

Post #2

For the next three posts I will be asking one question. And I will answer that question with my opinion. The question for this month is why do we try to progress in mechanics and A.I? One I think we do this because it makes our lives more comfortable. Another reason I think we do … [Read more…]

Second post of the month.

I like dogs and that’s a fact. Today which is the same day as the day that I wrote the first post of the month will be writing about dogs. I like dogs a lot because they are more fun than cats because they actually play with you. They also sleep with you which I … [Read more…]