Post #2

For the next three posts I will be asking one question. And I will answer that question with my opinion. The question for this month is why do we try to progress in mechanics and A.I? One I think we do this because it makes our lives more comfortable. Another reason I think we do this is because we want to survive the explosion of the sun a super big meteor hitting the earth.

Expanding on the thought of comfortability we do this because being comfortable it awesome. When you are comfortable you sleep. When you sleep you feel good. But there is another aspect to comfortability. The next aspect of this is that if we don’t need to do work most people wouldn’t.

The next view point is surviving. We all don’t want to die. Sure we know that our generation will die. But for some reason every generation wants the next to be better than theirs. I also think that many people want subconsciously want our species to survive everything. Everything we have done in the 20th and 21st that is considered a scientific advancement is to survive. So that is the second post I will make the third soon.

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